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Japan's Most DANGEROUS People.

Updated: Apr 30, 2020


Hello friends, I want to share some surprising information with you. You must have heard the name of Narcos. Narcos is a Netflix TV series based on the life story of a Spanish criminal named Pablo Escobar. Pablo Escobar was a criminal, but when there was a crisis on the poor people of the society, Pablo was the first to spot help. , Just like Robin hood but Pablo Escobar was not the only one who was not only the devil but also the Messiah. There is still an organization in Japan that calls itself the Messiah, but perhaps their real truth is something else.


Today's topic is about a deadly gang Yakuza. Whose havoc is spread not only in Japan but in the whole world. The rituals and customs of this team and their crime are so deadly and scary that maybe you will think twice to spend a holiday in Japan. Yakuza was born in 19 century in Japan's most despised social class, BuraKumin. The people of the BuraKumin class had no such importance or existence in the society, these people used to hold back from giving jobs or help to the government and these people did not even have a place to eat. Due to this poverty and helplessness, people of BuraKumin class had to resort to theft and gambling.


The two parts of the BuraKumin class were Tekia and Bakuto. The people of the Tekia group used to store stolen goods stalls during festivals or fairs. Some members decided also used to protect other people's stores in those fairs and for this work they also got money and on the other hand the people of Bakuto group used to earn money in illegal temples and buildings. Gradually, the number of these people increased and as their influence in the society started increasing, the government also started recognizing these people, seeing these people formed their organized influential gang, known as Yakuza.

In the early stages, the rituals of worship were small. Like stealing money or taking money from people by blackmailing them, but gradually their crime increased with their strength. Where, they were earlier involved in small scams. At the same time, they started getting involved in big crimes like drug trade, prostitution, stock market scams and real estate scams, due to which the fear of people also increased, the matter of concern was that the government was also associated with Yakuza and did nothing to stop their exploits.


The members of Yakuza consider themselves a family and members have to go through some painful rituals and customs to join this family. Each new member gets a Kabun, or the child's tag, and he or she is said to be a member of the member's shelter. When a member has an initiation ceremony, he or she has to sit down with their Oyabun and drink a Japanese liqueur saki. Each Oyaboon serves its new Kabun in a clay glass with a little saki and himself fill saki up to the top. The high amount of saki in the glass symbolizes its high position. Once they both drink the saki together, then that Kabun becomes member of Yakuza officially.


The members of Yakuza have to have tattoos all over their body to truly become a member. This particular tattoo is known as Irezumi and the process of making this tattoo is quite painful, as it does not use machines but uses a bamboo needle. In which ink is tattooed by hand. Not only this, there is another custom of Yakuza that in which Kabun has done something that has caused trouble to his Oyabun or if he has made a mistake, then that Kabun has to cut his finger and give it to his Oyabun. This finger is a sign of their forgiveness, and even after this there is a mistake from them, then they have to cut the rest of their fingers. It is quite easy to identify the members of Yakuza because of one finger for every mistake, although the government has banned them from showing tattoos in public.


Yakuza is mostly known for white collar crimes. They buys the stocks of big companies and buys until he can sit in the stockholder meetings and threatens the members of the rest of the company to get there work done. This task is entrusted to a special member of Yakuza, Sokaiya, and the entire future of the company that is trapped in the clutches of Yakuza is ruined. In addition, many Yakuza members work for other companies, their job is to force the buildings to be evacuated so that construction can be done there. Not only Yakuza are responsible for the majority case of trafficking in Japan and the victims of these activities are not just Japanese girls but girls from other countries like United States There are also girls from countries like North Korea, China and Colombia. The members of Yakuza bring innocent and beautiful girls from far off countries to Japan with the lure of jobs and when the girls find out what they have been sung for, they have no money and no where to stay. They has to become a prostitute for his Yakuza boss, but Yakuza gets the most profit and money from his drug business, every illegal drug whether it is chemical or natural, Yakuza, do business at the national and international level.

Today in japan the four largest groups of Yakuza, rule the entire country. This group are Yamaguchi Gumi, Sumiyoshi Kai, Inagaba Kai, and Aizukatetsu Kai. Each group behaves like a family, not as group and there are many parts of these groups, which do business all over the country and after reading all this you must be wondering how these people became the Saviour.


So the thing is that in 2007, the Japanese government got fed up with Yakuza by writing many such laws so that no member of Yakuza could do any kind of business, then they could not become part of any company and because of these laws, Yakuza's rule to a large extent began to end. To keep his hold on his power, Yakuza started social service and before the tsunami in Japan in 2011, Yakuza sent his men to provide food and water to the victims, not only that These people also arranged for the homeless people to live and Yakuza says that they do this social service by following their Nankyo Code.


Their Ninkyo code says that, a member of a yakuza will never tease a person in trouble, rather, he will give all the help that can help him to overcome his problem. Every crime in Japan is caused by the Yakuza. The rest of the thieves and criminals, can't even step into the area of Yakuza because, more than the fear of police, they had fear of Yakuza. Every person whom the society makes homeless or boycott they join Yakuza. Where they are enthusiastically welcomed. Yakuza may have caused losses to big companies, but due to Yakuza the construction companies, Japan's skyscraper stands today and Yakuza did not bother the less fortunate and poor people of the society but whenever they needed help, Yakuza would have been there before the government.


Yakuza had reached 18 lakhs of population during World War 2, but after that, the government banned Yakuza's antics and now they have been reduced to only 85000 but, despite having so many laws against Yakuza, they are still against the society with much awe and respect as it was 20 years ago. Yakuza is a gangster for the rich of Japan, but for the poor, he is a bigger saviour than the government. They and theirs operation were right or wrong, is quite difficult to answer. It is still debateble topic but, "I would like to know your opinion about Yakuza, if you fill feel they did right comment 'Yes they were right' or otherwise comment 'No they were wrong' ".

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