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India is suffering from a new natural curse 'Locust Attack'.

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As coronavirus is already a burden for India which was not enough for nature to punish the peoples and now 4 states of India are in heavy crop loss by locust attack. Indian farmers are helpless in front of locus attack. I know it sounds to be a joke that, a group of insects can cause huge damage to the crops but when a group contains millions of insects in 1 square kilometer only this can't be taken as a joke. The farmers are trying hard to brawl against the attack but the tiny insects are overpowering the farmers.

Farmers are trying a different method to stand in the fight by

  • banging plates

  • banging drums

  • using sound system

  • applying pesticides

in the hope that locust swarms would fly away from the field. Expert says that India is facing the worst locus attack in 26 years as well they came in India from Saudi Arabia followed by Iran and Pakistan then it entered India through Rajasthan. Swarm destroyed a 40% crop in Pakistan.

A single swarm can eat 2 grams of grains in a day. They are dangerous in a group because the swarm spread in 1 square kilometer area can eat grains which equals to 10 elephants or 2,500 adult humans. Cotton crops and vegetables got huge damage by the Swarms.

This is an image of a Bundi district of Rajasthan in which we can see swarms instead of leaves in a tree.

The following state of India got damaged till now is Rajasthan Punjab Haryana and Madhya Pradesh farmers are getting beaten up from both sides

first from coronavirus, they can't sell their crops in the market

And second swarms are eating their crops.

Why all this happened

This year the Arab countries like Iran got heavy rainfall they got annual average rainfall in the first week of January.

This reinforces the swarms to migrate in India with the huge count and on the other hand, India has also received heavy rainfall between March and May month due to which the heat waves were not building in Rajasthan to control the population of swarms.

What government is doing?

Government is helping out farmers by spraying pesticides loaded in a fire brigade trucks to save their crops from swarms and providing necessary help to the farmers.


As we can see its a natural cause and it has happened due to the actions of us which results in global warming and weird climate change and to avoid this in the future we should work now for preserving our nature and not harming it.

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