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7 Things will happen only once in your life.

Updated: May 21, 2020

What is the most precious thing in the world money, gold or a good house for you? And yes, I know that few bunch of science lover will show off their knowledge by saying ‘Anti matter’ but the most precious thing in your life, will always be your beautiful experiences and it’s memories will be immortal in your heart. As you know, the human body is mortal and cannot always be alive in this world, so there will be some events and tasks that you will get a chance to experience only once in your life, whether it is a relishing or a sad one. And if you missed any of these natural events you would never get another chance to witness it. I know that you're being very curious, to know that what is in the list :-

Halley’s Comet

It is the comet that orbit sun in every 75 to 76 years and comes to the surface of Earth. English astronomer Edmund Halley was first to identify and this comet was later named after him. Most people can see this once in their life. Last time it was seen in the 1986, the scientists were disappointed because they couldn’t see it without the telescope with normal eyes. And its next appearance is expected on 28 July 2061. If you get to see this famous comet once in your life, then you're a lucky person.

Monster Solar Eclipse

Basically, it’s kind of Solar Eclipse not related to any demons and ghosts, don’t worry. Eclipse on an average, comes about 2 to 4 times in a year. Similarly, Total Solar Eclipse comes only once in 18 months and it only there for a few minutes or a few seconds but the solar eclipse of July 27, 2009 was the biggest solar eclipse of the century its presence was around 6 minutes 39 seconds and experts confirmed it as ‘Monster Solar Eclipse’ so friends, if you had not seen it, then next monster solar eclipse will come June 30, 2132 i.e. 123 years you’ve to wait. To get a perfect view of this event the travel company Cox and Kings arranged a special Boeing plane in New Delhi to show the passengers, the amazing Eclipse. All window seats were booked in ₹ 79000 for viewing the eclipse from the height of 40,000.

Chicken pox

Many of you’ve been already infected by Chicken pox in past, but if you haven’t till now then you’re lucky. Chicken pox is an extremely contagious disease which is very common but it’s specialty is that once it becomes full-blown to someone, then the same disease does not happen to that person again because the body produces antibodies that give us a life-long immunity, but in the rare cases it would’ve been found that, they can also become active again after being inactive from the years in the nerve tissues and this virus are called Varicella Zoster Virus or Shingles.

Compete in Miss universe

In case if you are a women and you want to purse your career in modelling, then this information is crucial for you. In 1952, New York Miss Universe Organization hosted an international beauty and brains competition from then it is held on a very large scale every year, their budget is around hundred million dollars and this event is watched live by, nearly 500 million people from 190 countries, but a highlight of the Miss Universe competition is that, anyone participates in competition get’s only one chance in their life to try their fortune.

Dry Niagara Falls

Though usually flowing at a rate of roughly 567,800 liters (150,000 gal) a second, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls ran dry for several months in 1969. These are two of the three waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls, the third being the Horseshoe Falls. Their drying was to accommodate repair and preservation of the famous landmark. Unsurprisingly, this lead to an increase in tourism. 89,790 people were recorded visiting in just one weekend. Some of those were even able to walk the dry riverbed, despite police warnings that doing so was dangerous.

The work was eventually complete, and the waters were released. Many hoped for an enormous wave of rushing water, but instead, the waters were released gradually until the flow returned to normal.

Raining animals

It might sound quite unbelievable but it’s true that, this is a very strange and rare weather event in which the rain is of special descent from the literal sky and it is believed that this is due to severe cyclone in which animals, humans, trees, houses, cars gets dragged. Similarly, experts believe that water worms and frogs are suspicious in the sky. The storm takes them far away and throws them down from the sky. Scientist does not yet have real evidence of it, so it is probably impossible to determine that when they occur and that's why you will be very lucky if you see this kind of stuff in your life.

Carrington event

The Carrington Event was a geomagnetic storm caused by a massive solar flare at 11:23 PM on September 1, 1859. The flare was observed by Richard Carrington and hit the Earth’s magnetosphere the next morning, lighting the predawn sky with auroras seen as far south as Jamaica. Newspapers could be read in the light of these auroras. More troubling was that telegraph wires the world over sparked and caught fire. Even when disconnected from their power sources, they were able to send messages because of the electrical currents caused by the event. Until that day, no one was aware that solar flares existed.

We routinely observe solar flares now, but the Carrington event was unique because of a combination of two things: It hit us, and it was massive, the largest solar flare to hit Earth in at least 500 years. If a similar event happened today, it would cause an estimated $1–2 trillion in damage. Here’s hoping it maintains its place on our list.


You get life only once and death happens only once. But between that, how many positive experiences can you take, and how much better can you make the lives of others, it does matter. Consider the value of your life as well and do what you love in life.

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