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15 Ways To Be Your Own Boss

Today, if you ask from any ambitious student what they want to become in future, then everyone's answer will be an IAS officer or an entrepreneur. These both are very challenging task, but as far as to be an entrepreneur, 'A successful entrepreneur' then this is not an easy task and there are few people who are able to accomplish their dreams. Successful entrepreneurs can keep every good and bad situation in their favor. They know that they have not learned this thing in any school or college, but have learned from years of experience, failure and hard work. Then what is the difference between ordinary people and those who are successful, the answer to this question is how they think and successful people think in quite unique way. Here are 14 Crucial Life Lessons for Future Entrepreneurs.

Start before you are ready

People are so nervous because of the fear of the failure, that they don't want to start something new. But the successful people think absolutely opposite Amy Poyla said “Great people do things before they are ready. So, ​next time whenever you make excuses that I have no experience, no support, no money to start being ready is better or else you will curse your life and don't you dare say “That I don't know where to start”. Just start today because there is no tomorrow for success.

Never say I don’t know where to start

No one knows where to start until they start. First figure out the first step, I know that it would be nonsensical to hear but the things are only done when you take the first step. It may not necessarily be the right step, at least take some action and begin.

Competence breeds confidence

Are Confident people being successful? or Are successful people more confident? Answer is both, to be confident you need to be competent i.e. as you practice and improve your skills your fear is disappears and the confidence starts increasing and as your confidence increases, you become more capable in that skill and it is both interdependent. But for both of these, first action is necessary. Action is the starting point of competence. You cannot be an expert in anything unless you try it.

Implementation vs information

Every successful person has a book of knowledge and he keeps learning something new throughout his life, but with that knowledge you will be successful only, when you implement that knowledge. You can collect all the information of the world, but if you want to be successful, you should know how to apply it.

Discipline Equals Freedom

In the book ‘Tribe of Mentors’, Navy Seal Jocko Willink said that “Everyone wants freedom, more time in the day, more money in pocket, but no one wants to work hard to get it because the only way to get it is ‘Discipline’. If you want more time for yourself, then you should have time management skill and discipline. And if you want financial freedom, then you need to follow long term finance discipline, such as saving and investing. Successful people are not smarter than others, they are simply more discipline.

Done is better than perfect

Perfectionism kills the chance of success because when you run towards the Perfection, you are never able to complete your tasks neither you appreciate them, which is very important for your confidence level and due to that you’re not able to publish your blog or launch the product or you will see hardship to bring ideas to the world, So, “Done is better than perfect” Mark Zuckerberg also believes this and he had put this as a poster in Facebook headquarter.

Never fear criticism

You know it, I know it and everyone knows that every person has two choices to become successful.

First --- Speak up, share your ideas, try something new and face the criticism.

Second --- Avoid the criticism. Don’t say anything or don’t do anything or don’t be anything and this is said by Albert Hubbard and he say “To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing”. Successful people choice first option, so if you don’t be invisible you can’t run away from criticism.

Develop thick skin

In fact, successful people develop thick skin. Few people will say that you are wrong or your work is wrong. In fact, sometimes some people are mean to you without any reason. But in business you have to be an emotionally strong guy this is why successful people develop a thick skin at the beginning of their journey and that's why they don’t give a shit to others, no matter what others say he is the one who listen his heart.

Invite constructive feedback

How You Can Perform Better Without Feedback and if criticism is mean it feels bad and that’s why people like to avoid it. However constructive criticism is the crucial for success that’s why so many successful people out there appreciate the feedback. Elon Musk says that “To make your product or services better you need a feedback loop”, it is the best way to improve your service.

Shut up and listen

Successful people know that it is a good thing to share their ideas, however they also know when they should shut up and listen to others because they don't have ego, because ego is the enemy. We should surround ourselves with smart and intelligent people. You should be surrounded so that you can learn from them and also take inspiration from their idea.

Never put all your eggs in one basket

Successful people understand the risk better than other people, they take the risk and they get benefited when the idea is successful, but they also know that most of the ideas fail than being successful. They never depend on a single source of income. They have influence to pretty huge domain.

Surround yourself with those who will take you to the next level

You become like those people you live with because these people influence your life the most. If you keep negative toxic and demotivated people around you, you will become like them. Just because you don’t have company, this doesn’t mean that you will be with toxic and unproductive people. Keep a healthy and meaningful relationship in your life. Follow those who inspire and Guide you.

Start networking

The shortcut to get the highest growth in a networking career is how you utilize the time from your 20s, when you can establish strong and mutual beneficial relationships, i.e. the relationships that both parties take benefits from it, no human being is successful alone. So start networking, meet those people who would help you to reach your goal efficiently.

Don't be a know it all be a learn it all

Successful people do not express that they know everything, they have hunger of knowledge in them due to which they read more and more books, travel and interact with new people

Stop worrying and be patient

People who are less worried are successful later, instead of problems you should think about the solution. Those who do not know how to control their emotions then it’s damn true that they cannot achieve a successful business establishment. You need to be a patient. Just master the basics. Successful people like Elon Musk, who establish a billion-dollar company. Prince who is a great musician.

Secret of all these success story is just, they kept their basics strong and made there will power as hard as Diamond.

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