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10 DANGEROUS food that CHINA eats.

Hello Friends, as we know that China is very beautiful country it’s tradition, culture and costumes are very different from all of us but the most important difference is that the Chinese people “Save their money and earn a penny”, they believe this saying very strongly. And because of their saving habit there are some extremely dangerous foods, which are so creative but so strange and dangerous that I would prefer Corona virus rather than eating those foods. Let’s see what we got in our top 10 list:-

Rotten Rice Noodles

As in India people love eating rice and rice is most consumed food in India but there is another country that is crazy for rice more than India, people in China are so crazy about rice that they prefer to eat rice even if it is rotten and smelly. In old days in china when Noodles Company was suffering heavy loss as their product were getting spoiled before reaching to their customer. Then some intelligent Chinese people took out a mind blowing solution, they turn rice noodles into ‘Rotten Rice Noodles’. But for them it was still hard to make it to the market so they adulterated rotten rice noodles with white bleach and sulfur dioxide and other chemicals to hide its rotten taste and smell.


Garlic is a ‘magic food’. You must be wondering that why I’ve added garlic in the list as it is not a dish but if you will read further I am pretty sure that you will check garlic twice before buying it from the market though garlic contains small amount of antioxidant minerals that make your blood pressure and cholesterol better and you will get all the benefits of garlic except in China because here Garlic is grown from sewage water. China's poor farmers tend to grow it from sewage water to have some benefits. They get regular and cheap water sources, and secondly they do not have to separately fertilize their fields because the human waste in the sewage water can do the job of nourishing the garlic easily but when there is a human waste generated garlic then obviously, there will be many pests and insects but to reduce their effects methyl bromide is added to it which is found to be more harmful than chlorine. These chemical are banned in many of the countries. After harvesting garlic it buds are soaked into bleach so that they become whiter and it never fails to attract the customer.


This dish is very much liked in India, but it would be sensible for you to sacrifice your favorite dish in China because the prawns in China are loaded with gelatin which makes them thicker. In order to maximize profits, some Chinese fishermen inject a mixture made of gelatin into the prawn with some mixture of animals skin and crushed bones but the interesting thing is that, the thing that makes these prawns the most dangers is actually not the gelatin, but the way to inject it is done very secretly. The method of injecting is also very unhygienic due to which micro-organisms in it causes severe diseases and can cause contamination. So if you want to eat prawn better to it in your own country.


First of all those who don’t know what is Tofu for them, ‘Tofu is a fermented product of ‘Paneer’ which contains less fat and has many similarities’. In 2017 in China some food inspectors observed that the factories are using human and animal waste during tofu fermentation to speed up the process of fermentation. Tofu produced in these factories contained many organisms found similar in the waste of humans which contains E-Colai bacteria.

Puffer fish

So till now the food that we talked about was illegal i.e. the profit hawks used to illegally mix and sell it to the customers, but now the fish we are talking about is not actually a fish, that means if that fish is consumed, then you wouldn’t be alive. But weird thing is this fish is actually legal. And it contains tetrodotoxin poison and it is 1200 hundred times more dangerous than cyanide. In easy words, if you consume the poison you would find yourself dead. But the breeders in china had found a way to grow these fish without poison and since then this fish has been legalized.

Blood Clams

Well friends, most of the clams have transparent blood but the blood of the blood clams is red but this red colour does not only work to make your food colorful but it can also be fatal in your body. A large amount of hemoglobin and myoglobin also give this red color, but the interesting thing is that it is cooked in China for 20 seconds only. And not even a second more than that because Chinese people believe that over-cooking keeps the original flavour of the blood clams, but because it is cooked for a short time, all the bacteria and viruses in it do not die and the most dangerous of them are HBV, HAV and HCV virus that cause Hepatitis disease due this it has been banned by the Chinese government, but even today many local vendors sell it illegally.


This fish is also called Aqua Chicken because it is very easy to cook and raise them. China is the biggest producer of tilapia. China exports tilapia all over the world but there is a major problem, while breeding this fish should be fed with grains, but the alternative is even cheaper. ‘Food Safety Department’ of University of Georgia found that 50% of the tilapia, which grew up in China, are given human waste mixed with lots of antibiotics in their food so that it can stay alive, but the problem does not end here, as these fish swim in the swimming pool of the antibiotic they develop antibiotic-resistant micro-organic juices such as E-Coli and Salmonella.


China produces worlds hardest walnuts because it’s not actually a walnut inside it has a hard rock inside it. This is a serious problem in China. Some greedy shopkeepers to maximize their profits open the walnuts first and then remove all the materials inside it and pack it separately by filling some thick pebbles and cement inside the peel of that walnut and then the same shopkeeper sticks both of those peel with gum. They wrap the pebbles with the paper so that they do not make noise from inside. After reading so much far you can generalize that Chinese people have good business skills.


They didn't left the fruit too. In some tests conducted in 2014, some of the canned peaches of China contained a large amount of lead, which is a poisonous deadly chemical. As the government guidelines, allowed quantity was 2mg per kilogram and according to the result it was 2 times the allowed quantity. Moreover, because they sell lead container canned peaches very cheaply it is used to feed patients. And consuming lead is the worst scenario for an individual because it’s poisoning can lead to come and higher dose of it can take your life.

Gutter Oil

It’s not a joke you read it right ‘Gutter Oil’. You might be wondering what this shit is, it’s actually an oil collected from drains of restaurants and the streets. Then the collected materials are refined and kept for boiling in the factories. The colour of gutter oil is very dark so to make it look like normal, bleach is added to it so that its colour can light up and then it becomes completely ready to be distributed again in restaurants. So think about it, there are more weird foods, I’ve limited list to just make an overview what they eat. Also, China exports many of its food to us as well as other countries of the world and that’s why, while buying anything be careful about what you are buying and from where you are buying. "Stay alert and stay healthy".

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